Seaser | Chair



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Product specifications


Red, Pink, Orange, Green, White, Sand, Black, Petrol


h: 68.5, w: 73, d: 82cm


PE (Polyethylene)


standard ca. 11kg

Optional weight

up to ca. 30kg


in / outdoor


easy to clean

Article code

P 040 1001

A Circular product, because we care ♥︎

We believe in building a trash free future and want to leave the world a better place. This is why we create our products as circular and environmentally friendly as possible. The Seaser is easy to recycle because it’s made from just one kind of material: Polyethylene. Once you’ve outlived your chair, feel free to send it back to us and we’ll make sure to give it a second life!

A Chair is a Chair is a Chair...

On a daily basis we defy the laws to which human nature is subjugated, simply by sitting still. While we actually started walking upright, because movement implies progress, this progress has been rediscovered, seat wise that is, since the introduction of the Seaser.

This chair is an original. It is also ecologically sound because the chair is made of one type of recyclable material, almost a given nowadays. It not only resists all forms of wear & tear, climate factors included. Moreover due to the wide range of colours and its headstrong form, the chair does justice to both busy and calm surroundings; because we all need resting points, for both body and eye.